Cultural activities

The Canville has selected a series of useful links, addresses that offer you to discover our beautiful region in good conditions.

Nausicaa – Centre National de la Mer

Nausicaa is more than just an aquarium, it is a unique environment of the Marine Discovery Centre of its kind. At once entertaining, educational and scientific, mainly focused on the relationship between Man and the Sea.
Since opening, NAUSICAA “has the will to raise awareness of sustainable development; because “For the future of the Blue Planet, our every move account”.

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Nausicaa appart-hôtel de charme avec piscine Le Canville
La crypte de Boulogne sur Mer appart-hôtel de charme avec piscine Le Canville

Edifices de Boulogne sur Mer

The Castle Museum
The Castle was erected along the ramparts, the count’s castle is the centerpiece of the medieval defense system. This is the first castle built without tower in the history of military architecture. Today, the moat is partially reclaimed water and the drawbridge was returned. Inside, the most notable theaters are located in the lower part: chapel, count’s room, underground. Do not miss the magnificent Gothic hall of the Barbière, adjoining the old prison.

The Crypt
Maze, the crypt is one of the largest in France.La room renfermpe treasure beautiful pieces of jewelry, including the reliquary of the Holy Blood donated by Philip the Fair in 1304. The crypt also served as a burial the remains of the Liberator, General San Martin Argentina, from 1850 to 1861. The crypt was reopened in 2015 after 3 years of renovation.

Also visit Boulogne, St Nicolas church, ramparts, Notre Dame Basilica, the Belfry …